Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Today, I officially re-valued my Gold Bullion to its true value, a value I've long known it holds.

So, what's different about today? Time. Simple Time. Another's "Time proves all things"; that Time is, indeed, here! Do you see it yet? It's writ large in the Comex/LBMA PRICE of paper gold. See that PRICE spiralling irretrievably down? See that always wholly worthless paper burning?

That to FREEGOLDERS is evidence, the final proof that the VALUE we have long known is contained within GOLD BULLION is making its grand entrance on the public stage!

P.S  I nearly forgot to mention. Having met and known who FOA is for the past 8 years (and having recently divulged that info -for the first time ever- to the one individual who I consider most deserved to know it, and who I am certain will never disclose it), I recently identified Another. You'll be pleased to hear he is alive and well. If Freegolders are enjoying the taste of vindication, imagine for a moment how both Another and FOA must be feeling. Freegold Vindication Factor: off the scale!!

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Friday, 21 June 2013

No Jolly-Up for Mining Companies...

We did warn you!!!

Golden Minerals Announces Suspension Of Production


GOLDEN, Colo., June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Golden Minerals Company (NYSE MKT: AUMN); (AUM.TO) ("Golden Minerals" or "the Company") announced that it has suspended operations at itsVelardena mine as of June 21, 2013, in order to conserve the asset until operating plans and prices for silver and gold indicate a sustainable cash margin for operations. The employees at the Velardena mine were informed of the Company's decision in the afternoon of June 21, 2013.  In February 2013 the Companyanticipated the Velardena operations would achieve operating cash neutrality during the third quarter 2013, assuming gold and silver prices of $1,600 per ounce and $30 per ounce, respectively. In May 2013 the Company projected a $5 million negative margin from the operations for the remaining three quarters of 2013 at prices of $1,500 gold and $25 silver.  Metals prices have continued to decline and remain below these levels. 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Time for a Freegold Jolly-Up!! part2

Before London's Big Ben had even had the chance to strike 9 this fine morning, the Federal Reserve's puppet Ben was watching the unfolding drama that his words a few hours earlier had prompted.

I was rejoicing at the comex public PRICE of illusory, never-to-exist PURE PAPER gold dropping like  a stone. Ignore the substantial and much-needed boost to my personal fiat finances (immediately exchanged for Gold Bullion from a source, who was quite literally begging me to take his recently purchased gold jewellery at a fire-sale price)  I confess my pure delight at watching the comex 'gold' Price take this particular nose-dive. I TOLD YOU SO!

The heirarchy of gold 'experts' came out of the woodwork again to pronounce their special brand of ignorance and bullshit. Sinclair gave his ever poorer disciples his explanation that "Gold has Never been Easy.'  Well, no, of course not, especially if your head is wedged tightly up your own pride-filled posterior.

I've always found Gold incredibly easy. So have any Freegolders who've understood the wisdom of ANOTHER and FOA's message. (Particular praise must be added here to the outstanding contribution of FOFOA, who has not only elucidated the message, brought it into today's context, but has added significant value to what ANOTHER and FOA left us) Freegolders know, thanks to FO/FO/A, that the full VALUE of Freegold is found in the very fire of empty paper promises of comex 'gold'. As all that worthless paper burns, so the Freegold Phoenix rises from the ashes, into public view, no longer confined to BIS eyes alone.

Truly a Gold refining moment like no other. For into the cauldron is being thrown every representation of 'gold' available for purchase. Outside sits all the money that has been poured into those 'gold' representations, that money waiting to re-attach itself to what can withstand the heat of the furnace.
Aha, ONLY the GOLD BULLION. The waiting money leaps upon that BULLION, sticking to it determinedly. And there it will stay! It will cling to that BULLION for dear life! For a very very long time.

Trust me, I've had the wisest teachers!

As Promised,'gold' PRICE Dying; Time For a Freegold Jolly-Up!!

I told you; FOFOA told you; Freegolders told you.

Paper gold trading right now below $1320....

AND, hear this: That PRICE at the comex side-show is going MUCH LOWER.

It's not even 9am in London, and the champagne corks are popping in our Freegold homes.